Friday, December 18, 2009


So spent the best part of the night looking for either a Bathtub Shitter CDR play copy or the master WAV file on one of my harddrives from a 2006 show they played at some south Philly shit house. Hours later after stumbling on some interesting jams (Champs mercury lounge, Suishonofune Philly 07, Knives from the cakeshop in NYC..) I found a CDR from a HOF gig in Philly at the balcony bar in 2002. I threw that disc in the tray thinking that set they played both the Venom cover and the Celtic Frost cover during the same set wahhooooooo. Revisionist history can tell you a lot of thing about bands 5-6-7 years later but I'll tell you High On Fire 99-03 was an extremely formidable animal. fierce guitar shredding, pounding drums, and room swelling bass.. actually the later version of the band with Joe Preston on bass was pretty bad-ass, although i always thought Joe looked sort of goofy on stage all guy smiley and not sweating when Matt was totally drenched and super intense. anyway beware the audio clip below of mentioned cover tune with some slight sonic fuckery via soundforge check the pic for the actual wave forms.. looks like a total block

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