Saturday, December 26, 2009


Expo 70 pics from Germ books in Philly a few months back
snowed in post holiday listening to tunes.

-I remember this show in DEC 2001 at the Balcony Bar in Philly. Worse club ever. Sound system sucked, no air, tiny and crowded. It wasn't really a proper club but actually an upstairs bar at a bigger room where they did after parties and small shows. Anyway one night post Clutch gig Electric Wizard played. Single band on the show for like $5 started at about 1pm. they had just flown in from the UK and were pretty much a mess sonically, tuning mess, gear screw-ups. Was funny shit actually enjoyed it a good bit. just uploaded it here complete set sort of sounds rough tough lots of rowdy crowd folks chime on when they stop playing after like a 30min set.

-High On Fire incredibly formidable band. I stopped seeing them live once they started playing bigger rooms with pat downs at the door.. awesome band though all the same.

-Birchville Cat Motel Campbell Kneale US dates 4 in total 2 on each coast
Jan 4 --tba --Oakland, CA
Jan 8 --Bay Area 51--San Francisco, CA
Jan 9 --Funhouse --Seattle, WA
Jan 13 --The Burners --Bethlehem, PA
Jan 14 --PPOW Gallery --New York, NY

Saw Campbell play last time in the states at the Tonic and enjoyed him live a good bit so this is something to look forward to. If your local to these dates check it out.

Plat list
THE FREEZE "token bones" collection CD
ELECTRIC WIZARD/ ORANGE GOBLIN "mans ruin split CD" wholly fuck the EW track sounds like total ass i had to turn this off right away
HIGH ON FIRE "6.27.02 balcony bar Philly" savage!!
For Lunch- 2 Pepsi's and a chunk of peanut butter fudge with walnuts

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was trolling online and spotted this website that basically had all the archive releases listed with ratings on a number system from 0-5 and a space for folks to write in reviews. Now I'm never one to care, or disagree, with anyone who doesn't like a release i put out. As far as I'm concerned if i like the releases and others don't its not an issue. Taste is such a fickle thing to put your finger on and I've never found it to be an insult on any level. But i gotta say a bunch of folks that review the releases and rate them list what format they have the release in and like 1/2 of them are digital. This totally burns my ass. In a lot of ways I've always felt like the wrappings of the art was a big tie in with the music and randomly stumbling on some downloaded mp3 that's out there grabbing it and writing some review i think is total shit.. YOUR OPINION SUCKS!!!

example review for Goslings Grandeur of hair by Bruscolino writes- "can't see why all the hype about this album.I mean, the usual heavy and loud noise to play along with in the morning, still particulary monotonous with very few drops of lymph.They could have made it on purpose, but this does not justify the coma.Sooner or later I'll give them another chance." RATED A 2 OUT OF 5 FUCK YOU AND YOUR DOWNLOAD!!! HOW COULD YOU EVER REALLY LOVE A DOWNLOAD ANYWAY JACK-ASS!!

Now lots of other people reviewed the same Goslings release that downloaded it and liked it. Oddly enough i feel no anger towards them?? hmmmm wonder why??

why am I starting to feel like Lars with this download shit???

anyway stats wise archive releases
Highest rated (with more then 3 ratings)- KHANATE LIVE IN SWEDEN 4.50
lowest rated (with more then 3 ratings)- ASTRO/ JAZKAMER/ HAIRSTYLISTICS 2.68
most reviewed- GOSLINGS "grandeur of hair" landslide 34 times
most rated- GOSLINGS "grandeur of hair" 300 times

NOWPLAYING -Blondie's heart of glass playing off myspace playing over Bardo Pond live from the khyber 2009 doing noise stuff pre-no-fun fest

Friday, December 18, 2009


So spent the best part of the night looking for either a Bathtub Shitter CDR play copy or the master WAV file on one of my harddrives from a 2006 show they played at some south Philly shit house. Hours later after stumbling on some interesting jams (Champs mercury lounge, Suishonofune Philly 07, Knives from the cakeshop in NYC..) I found a CDR from a HOF gig in Philly at the balcony bar in 2002. I threw that disc in the tray thinking that set they played both the Venom cover and the Celtic Frost cover during the same set wahhooooooo. Revisionist history can tell you a lot of thing about bands 5-6-7 years later but I'll tell you High On Fire 99-03 was an extremely formidable animal. fierce guitar shredding, pounding drums, and room swelling bass.. actually the later version of the band with Joe Preston on bass was pretty bad-ass, although i always thought Joe looked sort of goofy on stage all guy smiley and not sweating when Matt was totally drenched and super intense. anyway beware the audio clip below of mentioned cover tune with some slight sonic fuckery via soundforge check the pic for the actual wave forms.. looks like a total block

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ok had this long conversation at the bar the other night with Jason Killenger from Birds Of Maya and Richie from Richie records. Fairly late night fairly drunk this is what i recall... Richie says to me "yeah I'm doing the new Birds Of Maya record its a double LP and three songs (lots of laughs)" I say "three songs i would have told them what the fuck at least make it four one for each side, lots of luck with that pal" Jason laughing mumbles something about all their songs just go on and on or whatever the hell he said??? Then Jason goes on to tell us that the new "album" is a sound track to a movie and that Richie is an army guy in?? i don't even remember the rest of what he was trying to tell us i interrupted him so many times with snarky comments
Anyway the Birds of Maya guys have played a few shows in Philly under the name the MegaBooze band which has consisted of the BOM trio + like 6 other dudes including Harmonica Dan. First show was Jason Bday late last year and was a cluster fuck but with some pretty kick ass sections. I'll see if i can post some MP3 clips of the sets


Been meaning to start up the blog thing as an easier means to updating the website with label news and rantings so this seemed like a good option. Unfortunately first update is of course tragically overshadowed by the passing of Jack Rose. I had the pleasure of knowing Jack for a number of years, I believe i was introduced to Jack some time around 2002 by Tony V. from Tequila Sunrise records while hanging out at the Philadelphia record exchange drinking some beers and listening to records with the normal cast of local characters. I knew him prior of course having recorded what i think was his first solo show in 2001.

Straying off topic slightly the 2001 show was upstairs at the Khyber in a small room on 3/21/01. I recall a few days prior i was talking to Ed Hardy of Eclipse Records and he recommend i go based on Jack being from Pelt. The show was also with the Magic Carpathians, Bardo Pond and i think one other??? I remember Mike Gibbons, from Bardo, was sort of doing sound for Jack's set and him feeding back a bunch from the single mic they had on his acoustic. I'm going to go back and pull out that recording and listen to it, but i remember it being kind of short and ragtime'ish and my recording being sort of noisy?

But anyway it was always great running into Jack around town at shows he was playing, or shows he was at, and bullshitting with the guy. He always had funny stories about being on tour, where he played, who he played with, who was a dick that he meet, what label he was working with. Besides missing Jacks music I'm going to miss just seeing the guy around having a beer and busting balls. Excellent guy across the board and a crushing blow for Philadelphia to lose him.