Sunday, April 25, 2010


Caught a few gigs last week. Bardo guys finally playing some shows. First ones is months as far as i can tell. Always good to see those guys out and about. Saw a bunch of boring metal bands play with Krallice. I did enjoy Krallice though glad they opened so i didn't have to sit around through Tombs, Lucidra (spelling?? i forget) and Lair of Minotaur. the last three bands i mentioned were all ok but i just found them really boring and predictable. At least Krallice had some weirdness going on. Mick's abstract circular rhythms with variations mixed in. Kind of hypnotic for a metal band. Alcest play here on Tuesday so I'm fairly keen to see them. It's billed as French black metal or something but i don't think its that at all sounds more progressive then that to me. but we'll see??? Anybody else catch them on US dates out there???


So i heard the Boris epic amplifier worship release is getting a vinyl pressing via southernlord. Stunner of a record recorded in 98. I think it was basically the record that launched Boris as more then just the Japanese melvins. I scored a promo copy of this record pre-release and i just remember being totally stunned the depth of the sounds, the drumming, the construction of the entire CD and how all the sections flowed together so perfectly with vocals matched to the right sections. Dynamics all over the place and what an amazing production. Master piece really.
I was thinking the other night while i seeing some bands how long its been since I've been totally awe struck by a band or a release? been a while now few years maybe?? I guess since the first time i saw OM at the knitting Factory in something like 2004-or 05 was the last time i was really dropped by something?
Anyway the picture above. I always found the layout for the Japanese pressing of Boris Amplifier Worship and Earth Pentastar sort of the similar in a subtle kind of way with color scheme and font and just very general makeup. Not in a rip off kind of way maybe more in an influence kind of way. Hmmmmm maybe I'm grasping for straws with that?? One of my fav. Earth releases as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Been despondent lately not listening to music and or going to shows for more then a few weeks. Skipped on fairly consistent bands like High On Fire and Acid Mother Temple during recent annual trips through Philly. Label sales have dipped off to next to nothing and I'm basically taking the label ceasing to exist sort of personally. Feels odd coming home from work and not having some details of a new release to work on, or mail orders to fill?? But anyway got back on the horse last night went out to the Khyber to see Weedeater play with Gates of Slumber, Black Tusk and some other band. Weedeater are a truly excellent band though. Maybe under impressive on record, and they don't invent any new new tricks so to speak but god damn are they an impressive band sonically, visually, and as a spectacle. A drunken Khyber crowd didn't hurt either to make the set come off as pretty much a total chaotic mess. Had a great time last night. Just like old times down at the Khyber to see some heavy ass band work through a set, record bootleg style, and I didn't have to talk to anybody that i didn't want to. Just good to see some great music, record, and go home.


Amazing chance encounter today with the famous vintage Oscar Myer wiener mobile!! don't why but i felt extremely compelled to give chase and beep the horn?? ain't life funny