Sunday, January 31, 2010


Been a little while since my last batch of ragging blog posts so here's some pics and comments on 2010 shows I've seen in you guessed it 2010. from Top to bottom.
-OUTER SPACE 1.15.10 rotunda. John Elliot from EMERALDS terrible boring and predictable name for this duo analog synth project. I'm pretty partial to liking this type of stuff and i did enjoy their set, sort of brief but was cool enough. They played to visuals to the movie Ghost which i found kind of funny.. check out this excerpt from the email that came out for the gig
.......will be joined on analog synthesizer for this performance by Jeff Hatfield, best known as half of Fragments, who manage a singular fusion of rust belt basement electronics and Schnitzler-esque cantankerous opacity. This is the incarnation of Outer Space represented on the recent "Stereo Constellations" cdr and the forthcoming "Lightyear Demonstrations" double cassette. At a cultural moment in which many emerging artists are rightly charged with reliance upon facile nostalgia-qua-nostalgia, Outer Space represents a studied and gracefully substantive engagement.
Jesus what a shit load of verbal wankery. Exhibit A in things i hate about music reviews, press releases, and one sheets.

-TELECULT POWERS 1.15.10 Rotunda Never heard of this group before, but another duo from Brooklyn. They took a long ass time to setup, which included the lame presence of lots of candles on stage. Visually they used two film projectors pointed at these round curved mirror things that bounced onto the backdrop. The source materials were spacey film strips the kind of shit you'd see in science class in elementary school in the 70's.. ( I should know what that's like i was there the first time around) I think they ran the audio sources through a bunch of hand built oscillators, effects, and electronics and the effect was pretty excellent. Best set of the night i think by far. One complaint was the dude on my side of the stage with ass crack hanging out the whole time. Photographically I've decided to share this with all you.. note pic above.
-DAN MELCHOIR 1.15.10 Marvelous Records same night as the electronic gang bang which was literally right next door to the Rotunda. By the way right dead in the middle of both of these shows geographically was some Philly style stickup shooting that brought like 10 million cops and police helicopters all over the area. Pretty intense shit anyway didn't know what to expect from this thing, Jason Kourkounis (Bardo Pond+ lots of others) hooked up with guitar guy and bass chick without ever actually playing together before. Pretty great all in all excellent guitar chops on this old UK punk dude.
DANIEL HIGGS 1.29.10 Brickbat books a hugely crowded show at my personal fav place to see shows. Daniel was pretty awesome and if you told me that he was one of those guys in west Virginia that danced around in religious trance with rattle snakes i think I'd believe you. Recording sounds pretty awesome although I'm not 100% sure how much i like the dab of reverb that was on his voice. I think i may prefer him just totally dry with no PA or vocal mic, he projects so intensely on his own. But anyway if the label wasn't so much in the shit can financially I'd be all over him to do a release. on the same bill was ZOMES played a bunch of short droney tunes (the Romones of drone??) on analog synth overtop of pre-recorded tapes of simply drum beats. This was pretty fantastic, some of the tunes totally reminded me of EARTH extracapsular extraction minus guitars. I'll post side my side mp3's later. Stellar Om also played and that sucked but made a good break for beer drinking and bullshitting with all the usual Philly characters. Although i have to say i very much missed Mr Rose who would have no doubt had been there.
-TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION 1/??/10 kungfu necktie Rich Hoak's grind core band with two new dudes.. haven't seen them in some time but still got to hear great jams like "box cutter" and the "necro anarchist" on the same bill was a band i hadn't heard before MAMMOTH GRINDER kick ass trio of young kids from Texas who i though smoked through a 15min set of a feedback induced metal. On relapse as it turns out (sorry) renewed hope that not all new metal music from younger kids isn't Pelican or Isis driven copy drivel.
-JUICFER 1/??/10 kungfun necktie Have'nt seen them in a few years and they have'nt learned any new tricks.. fairly OK. Some Melvins style bullhead Leach mixed with some fast sections. A bit awkward in execution in my eyes but OK all in all. Lots and lots of gear on stage but ironically not nearly as loud as you would think (the meters never lie) I think i heard Greg Anderson refer to their setup one time as "looking like a garage sale on stage" pretty funny line actually.

Monday, January 4, 2010


OK i was going to ignore the fact that i walked into a GROWING show like 6 months ago and was shocked into a state of senseless recognition by how horrible the new material they play is. I mean come on a band has to progress or degrees and is free to do something new for better or for worse. Just because i don't like it anymore doesn't make it worthless.. Then tonight while randomly looking online to see if i could find out where the Growing live Brooklyn tape was recorded i stumbled on this!! i dare you to watch these video clips... WTF??? nice guys but god damn this sucks total ass

I was flipping through old pics the other day and i really really though around 2005-06 Growing was going to make this huge breakthrough of tone and guitar noodling that was just going to be a perfect blend of transcendental bliss... just complete perfection of stripped down bareness. purity extracted exactly everything i was looking for in music.. it was right their, right in the finger tips of Joe and Kevin i could feel it smell it..... but it just didn't happen?? fuck music is such a fleeting fickle beast, taste such an intangible. weird how that works huh????? In some ways i look at a band like emeralds or expo70 as bands making the records i wanted Growing to make in 2006 and beyond?? Pic from around 2005 at the old Vox Populi space in Philly opening for Comets on Fire


Seems the thing to do at this time in the year is to make a list of "records" or "releases" that were the best of the year. To be honest I'm not sure i listen to any records that were recorded this year. I will say some one randomly sent me a promo copy of VIC CHESTNUT'S AT THE CUT. (might have been Henry from Chunklet? not really sure but thanks all the same who ever you were) Anyway that record was one of my favorite releases from the year that i listened to a good bit and i was really looking forward to seeing Vic live next time he passed through town. But i hear within the last few weeks he took his own life. Other then that I'd be hard pressed to tell you anything I've been listening to that was released in an official capacity. Lots of live stuff I've recorded makes the play list around here and older shit finds time in the CD tray.. Stuff Like recent Blue Cheer live gigs from Philly, Jack Rose stuff, Peaking Lights seeing them live this year was a highpoint. the Axemen from NZ fame was a pretty sloppy punk garage mess that i enjoyed a good bit. getting Goslings masters in the mail kicks pretty big ass also. Been rocking some older OM live sets with the real drummer that i love. Weedeater sets from back a few years ago also. .. So ok here's the current stack of loose shit on my floor that is getting played
ZAIKA +STEVE GUNN 1.10.09 brickbat books
WITCH "2.22.09 JB'S Philly" EHHHHH pretty whatever
UNLABELED DISC??? who the fuck knows?
AIDAN BAKER/ TIM HECKER "11.21.09 Kungfu Necktie Philly. funny when i was at this gig i was talking to Aidan about how to best record the sets since he plays all direct line to the board i was going to do a board patch but they have this fucked mixing desk at the club with no analog outs so i was going to patch directly off his on stage mixer, we asked Tim about it after Aidan introduced me and he was like "well what are you recording for" and i gave him the smart ass answer of "to steal your music" go figure he didn't seem to interested in letting me record direct. The aud. recordings actually sound pretty great all the same, which in general is always my preference since i don't have to talk to the sound guys who i fucking hate- Normally sound men are one of three things 1. Fat 2. Lazy or choice 3. retarded. I remember once at this fucking lame show Aidan played in Philly at the 4040 the sound guy gave me all this shit about plugging a XLR cable into the board... he was all like "well we need to know about this in advance.. was it on his rider"?? are you fucking kidding plug that shit in takes 2 secs. The other thing i like about aud recordings is most of the music i like is heavily amplified and a lot of the elements never even run through the PA so the mix can be screwy... in the case of something like Aidan Backer or Tim Hecker all that stuff runs through the board but i still like some of the presence that airborne recordings give. Its sort of an interesting dichotomy of something that's very electronic having an added analog element to it. Plus i always feel like its more of a fuck you to the sound guy whose help you don't have to ask for.

JACK ROSE "7.10.09 BRICKBAT BOOKS Philly" Jack playing with a guy on keys and Harmonica Dan very intimate setting at the bookstore.. sterling gig of course and one of the first few times the trio played together. Jack really started to hit a groove during the past year or so playing more and more in interesting small groupings. Shame the man left us with some many great ones on the table still to come. I miss you guy!
BARDO POND "4.15.09 KHYBER PASS Philly" tuneup gig for NOFUN fest. Heard they were pretty good at nofun but i could bare to go this year had the worse time the year prior and seemed like a repeat fest so no point in going. Plus Sonic Youth played the same night and i hate them.
CURANDEROS "APRIL 09 KUNGFU" free jams with Gibbons brothers, Aaron Igler, and Khoutek drummer.
HEAVY WINGED/ US GIRLS 10.24.09 some house in Philly. great US girls set shitty HW mix
BEEMASK "DANGER DANGER HOUSE Philly sept. 09 analog electronics from some philly kid
OM not sure which set ?? probably JB's in 2007?
AANAL BEEHEMOTH finish old style stuff this is an actual release
KAORU ABE disc 2 of the passe-temps CDR set.... total shit disc of horrible recorded material
S. Philly show 2006 not sure what this disc is?? i think it has the BATHRUB SHITTER live set on it though recorded at some fucked up little flop house.
AI ASO "brickbat books Philly" wonderful
KHOUTEK 11.7.09 M ROOM Philly" with Clint from Bardo on bass.. pretty awesome set
AXEMEN/ MADSCENE "11.15.09 kungfun Philly" currently playing. New Zealand invasion Axemen were pretty great front man i couldn't decide if he had down syndrome or was really really fucking drunk or possible both.. current re-issue record on siltbreeze. Check out this FMU blog that has links to mp3 files from some in studio session

FIRST MISSION OF 2010 on the 6th JUCIFER then on the 7th TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION fear of a black metal planet Rich Hoak is the man!!!