Monday, January 4, 2010


OK i was going to ignore the fact that i walked into a GROWING show like 6 months ago and was shocked into a state of senseless recognition by how horrible the new material they play is. I mean come on a band has to progress or degrees and is free to do something new for better or for worse. Just because i don't like it anymore doesn't make it worthless.. Then tonight while randomly looking online to see if i could find out where the Growing live Brooklyn tape was recorded i stumbled on this!! i dare you to watch these video clips... WTF??? nice guys but god damn this sucks total ass

I was flipping through old pics the other day and i really really though around 2005-06 Growing was going to make this huge breakthrough of tone and guitar noodling that was just going to be a perfect blend of transcendental bliss... just complete perfection of stripped down bareness. purity extracted exactly everything i was looking for in music.. it was right their, right in the finger tips of Joe and Kevin i could feel it smell it..... but it just didn't happen?? fuck music is such a fleeting fickle beast, taste such an intangible. weird how that works huh????? In some ways i look at a band like emeralds or expo70 as bands making the records i wanted Growing to make in 2006 and beyond?? Pic from around 2005 at the old Vox Populi space in Philly opening for Comets on Fire


  1. i totally agree about Growing. the later stuff caught me totally off guard. their 1st record is great though...

  2. yep, Growing are pretty terrible now. the live record you put out is their best moment, easily. one of the greatest, most massive guitar sounds i've ever heard. that shit was inspiring to me, and now they just fuck around with minor league bliss out nonsense. sad.

  3. Slimm, i couldnt agree with you more. what a way to blow it. im glad there are, well, three other opinions (shown here) that agree. they plyed detroit a month or two back, and i didnt even think of going.... way to try to be animal collective bros...

    hope your good.

    Dan (Slow Alarm...we did an interview a while back....)