Sunday, April 25, 2010


Caught a few gigs last week. Bardo guys finally playing some shows. First ones is months as far as i can tell. Always good to see those guys out and about. Saw a bunch of boring metal bands play with Krallice. I did enjoy Krallice though glad they opened so i didn't have to sit around through Tombs, Lucidra (spelling?? i forget) and Lair of Minotaur. the last three bands i mentioned were all ok but i just found them really boring and predictable. At least Krallice had some weirdness going on. Mick's abstract circular rhythms with variations mixed in. Kind of hypnotic for a metal band. Alcest play here on Tuesday so I'm fairly keen to see them. It's billed as French black metal or something but i don't think its that at all sounds more progressive then that to me. but we'll see??? Anybody else catch them on US dates out there???


  1. you should check out Cleric from Philly.

  2. Glad you're back Scott. See you at Bardo Thurday.

  3. cleric i'll keep and eye out.. and yes i'll be at the bardo gig Thursday