Sunday, April 25, 2010


So i heard the Boris epic amplifier worship release is getting a vinyl pressing via southernlord. Stunner of a record recorded in 98. I think it was basically the record that launched Boris as more then just the Japanese melvins. I scored a promo copy of this record pre-release and i just remember being totally stunned the depth of the sounds, the drumming, the construction of the entire CD and how all the sections flowed together so perfectly with vocals matched to the right sections. Dynamics all over the place and what an amazing production. Master piece really.
I was thinking the other night while i seeing some bands how long its been since I've been totally awe struck by a band or a release? been a while now few years maybe?? I guess since the first time i saw OM at the knitting Factory in something like 2004-or 05 was the last time i was really dropped by something?
Anyway the picture above. I always found the layout for the Japanese pressing of Boris Amplifier Worship and Earth Pentastar sort of the similar in a subtle kind of way with color scheme and font and just very general makeup. Not in a rip off kind of way maybe more in an influence kind of way. Hmmmmm maybe I'm grasping for straws with that?? One of my fav. Earth releases as well.

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