Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ok had this long conversation at the bar the other night with Jason Killenger from Birds Of Maya and Richie from Richie records. Fairly late night fairly drunk this is what i recall... Richie says to me "yeah I'm doing the new Birds Of Maya record its a double LP and three songs (lots of laughs)" I say "three songs i would have told them what the fuck at least make it four one for each side, lots of luck with that pal" Jason laughing mumbles something about all their songs just go on and on or whatever the hell he said??? Then Jason goes on to tell us that the new "album" is a sound track to a movie and that Richie is an army guy in?? i don't even remember the rest of what he was trying to tell us i interrupted him so many times with snarky comments
Anyway the Birds of Maya guys have played a few shows in Philly under the name the MegaBooze band which has consisted of the BOM trio + like 6 other dudes including Harmonica Dan. First show was Jason Bday late last year and was a cluster fuck but with some pretty kick ass sections. I'll see if i can post some MP3 clips of the sets

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