Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was trolling online and spotted this website that basically had all the archive releases listed with ratings on a number system from 0-5 and a space for folks to write in reviews. Now I'm never one to care, or disagree, with anyone who doesn't like a release i put out. As far as I'm concerned if i like the releases and others don't its not an issue. Taste is such a fickle thing to put your finger on and I've never found it to be an insult on any level. But i gotta say a bunch of folks that review the releases and rate them list what format they have the release in and like 1/2 of them are digital. This totally burns my ass. In a lot of ways I've always felt like the wrappings of the art was a big tie in with the music and randomly stumbling on some downloaded mp3 that's out there grabbing it and writing some review i think is total shit.. YOUR OPINION SUCKS!!!

example review for Goslings Grandeur of hair by Bruscolino writes- "can't see why all the hype about this album.I mean, the usual heavy and loud noise to play along with in the morning, still particulary monotonous with very few drops of lymph.They could have made it on purpose, but this does not justify the coma.Sooner or later I'll give them another chance." RATED A 2 OUT OF 5 FUCK YOU AND YOUR DOWNLOAD!!! HOW COULD YOU EVER REALLY LOVE A DOWNLOAD ANYWAY JACK-ASS!!

Now lots of other people reviewed the same Goslings release that downloaded it and liked it. Oddly enough i feel no anger towards them?? hmmmm wonder why??

why am I starting to feel like Lars with this download shit???

anyway stats wise archive releases
Highest rated (with more then 3 ratings)- KHANATE LIVE IN SWEDEN 4.50
lowest rated (with more then 3 ratings)- ASTRO/ JAZKAMER/ HAIRSTYLISTICS 2.68
most reviewed- GOSLINGS "grandeur of hair" landslide 34 times
most rated- GOSLINGS "grandeur of hair" 300 times

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  1. "They could have made it on purpose . . ."


    Does he think it's more likely that they accidentally turned on a tape recorder and mistakenly played some instruments and sang a bit? Then, completely by chance, sent the tape to you, who unknowingly pressed it up on CD and inexplicably sold copies to people?

  2. yeah no shit right... reading through some of the reviews is pretty funny though.. a bunch of people spend a load of time writing really throughful observations and then some people are just like "sounds like my kid brother with a broken tape player" i tried to search this guy out to see what other reviews he wrote to see what he did like to make fun of the stuff he thought was "worthwhile" but i called off the hunt..

  3. Never thought anyone could fully appreciate a download compared to an actual release. I've downloaded a few albums to just "check out" and once I dug it, went out and got the physical copy, Rarely will I ever even listen to a full downloaded disc, that's usually reserved for once the actual disc/LP gets to me. Don't know why people who just download something think they're qualified to analyze it...stupid kids.

    I did find it flattering/sad that a review of one of your old Nadja releases I did for Brainwashed ended up being the file description for a digital version of the album.