Saturday, December 26, 2009


Expo 70 pics from Germ books in Philly a few months back
snowed in post holiday listening to tunes.

-I remember this show in DEC 2001 at the Balcony Bar in Philly. Worse club ever. Sound system sucked, no air, tiny and crowded. It wasn't really a proper club but actually an upstairs bar at a bigger room where they did after parties and small shows. Anyway one night post Clutch gig Electric Wizard played. Single band on the show for like $5 started at about 1pm. they had just flown in from the UK and were pretty much a mess sonically, tuning mess, gear screw-ups. Was funny shit actually enjoyed it a good bit. just uploaded it here complete set sort of sounds rough tough lots of rowdy crowd folks chime on when they stop playing after like a 30min set.

-High On Fire incredibly formidable band. I stopped seeing them live once they started playing bigger rooms with pat downs at the door.. awesome band though all the same.

-Birchville Cat Motel Campbell Kneale US dates 4 in total 2 on each coast
Jan 4 --tba --Oakland, CA
Jan 8 --Bay Area 51--San Francisco, CA
Jan 9 --Funhouse --Seattle, WA
Jan 13 --The Burners --Bethlehem, PA
Jan 14 --PPOW Gallery --New York, NY

Saw Campbell play last time in the states at the Tonic and enjoyed him live a good bit so this is something to look forward to. If your local to these dates check it out.

Plat list
THE FREEZE "token bones" collection CD
ELECTRIC WIZARD/ ORANGE GOBLIN "mans ruin split CD" wholly fuck the EW track sounds like total ass i had to turn this off right away
HIGH ON FIRE "6.27.02 balcony bar Philly" savage!!
For Lunch- 2 Pepsi's and a chunk of peanut butter fudge with walnuts


  1. please Please tell me there is an Expo '70 release in the works!

    great blog. thanks...

  2. Yes recording is great performance is great!!! might be the label swan song though? We'll see