Sunday, February 28, 2010


Philly basement scuzz mess home CDR thing induced fuzz feedback and lo-fi fuckery
enjoy the malaise


  1. Is/are they called Lurker, or Deep Possum?

  2. yes i should specify they are called Lurker on this recording but share members from a different band called Deep Possum. when i was given the CDR i thought it was the former. I should fix the name of the file to prevent confusion.

  3. Niiiice. This reminds me why I got into fuzz! haha Now I'm listening to a Tetuzi Akiyama instore at Tequila Sunrise records which I think you recorded and posted in the Goat Shed some time ago B) love the fuzz storm back to back going on here haha

    By the way, is that mp3 you posted just the enitre CDr as one track? Is it a rehearsal or a demo?