Sunday, February 14, 2010


So big show last night in Philly to mark the launch of Jack Rose's most recent studio release which will be out on Thrill Jockey records i suppose any day now? if not currently for sale. Lots of great bands played all of which made sense in the context of who and what Jack was. PELT, MICHEAL CHAPMAN, THURSTON MOORE/ CORSANO/ FLAHERTY/ NANCE/ + voilin girl, MEGABOOZEBAND, PELT, BLACK TWIG PICKERS, GLENN JONES, MEG BAIRD+CHRIS FORSYTH, WILLIE LANE and D CHARLES SPEER. Practically a mini fest sort of line-up. Hosted at the Latvian society in Philly (pretty kick ass venue actually) which featured lots of cool foreign beers. Anyway lots of great music, nothing really jumped out at me as being particularly awesome but was a cool collection of bands that were different enough to make keep it interesting. Between sets they played some video exerts of Jack in performance and interview that will be part of an upcoming DVD release on strange attractions. Below is a small trailer for the release
The DVD project was worked on by Jesse Sheppard and features some truly fantastic footage of Jack and Glenn Jones playing in a loft in Brooklyn on some sunny afternoon, along with interview footage conducted by Byron Coley from the same location. Also included is some concert footage from a Philly gig (i did external audio for this portion). All and all its a fantastic looking release and based on all the parts I've seen to date it does create a understanding of how Jack evolved into one of the the most prominent pickers of today. I've heard an early April release date for the the DVD but I'll post more when i hear about it being confirmed.

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