Sunday, March 14, 2010


$70000.00 obo
New Retail
1600 lbs from

The Master Reference Amplifier is the largest and most powerful amplifier ever designed for use by audiophiles and sets a new standard for output drive, assuring that no matter now much power is needed, it will always be available. Each amplifier has a proprietary combination of two microprocessors mounted in a plug-in module, which implements Krell Sustained Plateau Bias III and Class A operation. The power supply is fully regulated by 64 Krell proprietary power transistors, with regulators backed by a transformer/rectifier/filter system capable of supplying 16,000 Volt Amperes of power. This balanced Class A design will produce 1,000 Watts into 8 Ohms, 2,000 Watts into 4 Ohms, 4,000 Watts into 2 Ohms and so on, down to continuous operation into 0.5 Ohms at 16,000 Watts. The overall musical presentation is breathtaking, with sound staging and imaging beyond compare.This pair of pristine amplifiers, have always been in a dedicated, air conditioned media room, inside a residence without children, pets or smoke of any kind. The amps have very low hours of use, and are covered after thoroughly cooled. They have been updated with the latest firmware for Master Reference Amplifiers, and operate with 220v/60Hz voltage. This voltage can be changed for an additional cost. You will never find a more immaculate pair of amplifiers anywhere, let alone rare Krell Master Reference Amplifiers. The photos don't do them justice. Additional photos will be provided upon request. Original manuals and shipping crates are included.Payment by the purchaser of the Krell MRA amplifiers will be by Certified Check or Bank Wire Transfer only, with the recipient being Audio Artisans. Audio Artisans will coordinate and provide shipping and insurance arrangements to the final destination. Payment of all shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.


  1. 1,600 pounds?
    What the hell do you do if you decide you want to move the thing a foot to the left, or slide it back a few inches?

  2. and to think 98% of people in the world listen to all their must on a ipod at this point.. what can the market possible be for gear like this??